Weather MicroServer Supports DNP3 Communication Protocol 

Utility weather station with DNP3 interface

March 2014 -- DNP3 ethernet communication is available through the Weather MicroServer. Distributed Network Protocol is used primarily in SCADA process automation systems used by electric and water utilities. 

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Orion Weather Stations support satellite tracking for Universal Space Network 

Universal Space Network uses Orion Weather Station

Feb. 2014 -- Universal Space Network, Inc. (USN) provides ground network services that support telemetry, tracking and control, and data downlink operations for satellites and launch systems. USN uses Orion LX Weather Stations at their operation sites in Hawaii, Alaska, and Australia.

“We use the weather station at our satellite tracking stations to monitor wind speed, barometric pressure and precipitation,” says Don Gittle, Ground Systems Manager. “If wind speed is too high, it could affect the tracking performance of our large dish antennas. This helps us protect satellite data. The other parameters help with determining the atmospheric conditions that are useful for correcting very accurate tracking data supplied to our customer.”

USN is a subsidiary of the SSC Group, a comprehensive space contractor active in many fields of space technology and services from the development of novel space subsystems to launch, tests and operations.

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New Application Note "Industrial Automation: Interfacing CWS Weather Stations" 

Weather Station to Industrial Automation Interface

 Orion Sensor shown with Weather MicroServer

Jan. 2014 -- Columbia Weather Systems has developed interfaces for our weather stations to be used directly with common industrial automation systems such as SCADA, DCS, and PLC systems. These systems are used in industrial manufacturing, as well as government facility and infrastructure operations and maintenance. This new application note describes the options with diagrams. 

"Industrial Automation: Interfacing CWS Weather Stations to SCADA, DCS, and PLC systems"


New Battery Backup Option for Weather Stations

Weather Station Battery Backup

 Battery Backup Option for CWS Weather Stations

Dec. 2013 -- The new battery back-up option provides continuous power to the weather station system in the event of an electrical outage. The 12VDC battery comes in a NEMA enclosure and can power a non-heated Orion LX Weather Station for up to three days. It is available for most weather station configurations.

Part number: 8395-1
Enclosure size: 12" x 10" x 6"
Enclosure: 16 gauge galvanized steel with polyester power finish
Industry Standards: NEMA/EEMAC Type 3R
Battery: 28 AHr Sealed Lead Acid Rechargeable
Power input: 88 - 264VAC
Power output: 12VDC


New Weather Station Systems for Monitoring Solar Energy Projects

Weather Stations for solar energy project monitoring

Solar 2 Weather Station shown with MicroServer in weatherproof enclosure.

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Oct. 2013 -- As noted by our May News brief on Swinerton Renewable Energy, weather monitoring for solar power projects has been a growing market for Columbia Weather Systems over the past few years. With this experience, we have put together three weather station systems to meet various monitoring requirements. All systems feature the Weather MicroServer in a weatherproof enclosure with panel temperature and solar radiation sensor(s).

Solar 1 Weather Stations add an Orion all-in-one sensor unit with ultrasonic wind direction and speed measurements, a highly-accurate impact rain sensor, capacitive relative humidity, temperature and barometric pressure readings. No moving parts enhances ease of use and durability.

• Solar 2 Weather Stations feature the ease of the Vela all-in-one sensor package with reliable, mechanical wind sensors, temperature and humidity sensors in a radiation shield, and a solid state barometric pressure sensor.

• Solar 3 Weather Stations feature simply the Weather MicroServer with air temperature, panel temperature, and solar radiation sensors directly connected. Additional individual sensors are available.


Customization for Hazardous Waste Disposal Installation

US Ecology hazardous waste disposal weather monitoring application

Sept. 2013 -- Columbia Weather Systems offers software and hardware customization for applications whose weather monitoring requirements aren’t met by our standard systems.

US Ecology Idaho is just such a case. The company’s Grand View, Idaho facility treats and disposes hazardous waste, non-hazardous industrial waste and low-activity radioactive material. Their permit requires weather monitoring with one-hour rolling wind speed and direction average. No problem.

We are pleased with the work CWS has done for us and plan to use them in the future for any weather monitoring needs we may have,” says Grae Harper, Environmental Engineer.

Click for more information: US Ecology Applications Page


Vela 420 - New Price Point for PLC Category Weather Stations

Vela 420 Weather  Station for PLC

July 2013 -- The new Vela 420™ weather station provides 4-20 mA signal communication interface, combining the affordability and reliability of mechanical wind sensors with the ease of use of an all-in-one sensor module.

Weather station data can be monitored with PLC plant software such as Wonderware®. The Vela 420 measures wind speed and direction, temperature, relative humidity, barometric pressure. Tipping bucket rain gauge is optional. 

Click for more information on the Vela 420 Weather Station.


New MicroServer Feature: Text "Weather"

Text Weather with GSM Modem

June 2013 -- CWS has added a GSM SMS interface to the Weather MicroServer. Weather station users can now text “weather” to their GSM-equipped weather station and receive a text message weather report.

This feature was developed in collaboration with the United Nations. One of their applications is for incoming pilots. The new feature utilizes a Sierra Wireless AirLink GX400 modem, shown below in a weatherproof enclosure.

The Weather MicroServer can be used with any CWS weather station.

GSM Modem in weatherproof enclosure

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Swinerton Renewable uses Orion system to help optimize solar panel output


May 2013 -- Swinerton Renewable Energy uses Orion weather stations from Columbia Weather Systems to provide meteorological data to their proprietary SCADA system at solar project sites. 

On a recent project, Columbia Weather integrated the newly released Hukseflux SR20 solar sensor. SR20 is a pyranometer of the highest category in the ISO 9060 classification system: secondary standard. This solar radiation sensor is used where the highest measurement accuracy is required.



New Universal Mount for Tower/Mast

Mounting Adapter with Pulsar Weather Station

April 2013 -- Columbia Weather Systems offers a new universal mounting adapter to install weather sensors on existing towers or alternate masts, even those with multiple instruments. Can be used vertically or horizontally. Aluminum construction. Includes three clamps for mast of up to 3” diameter. 

Catalog Number: 88022


Shown at left with Pulsar 600 Weather Station.


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New Pulsar™ Weather Station Featured in Mobile Weather Lab

Pulsar Weather Station integrated into Mobile Weather Lab at the IMT shop

March 2013 -- The new Pulsar Weather Station from Columbia Weather Systems is a critical component in the latest Mobile Weather Lab by Integrated Microwave Technologies, to be showcased at the NABShow National Association of Broadcasters event in April.

The weather lab includes the Pulsar 600 Weather Station with Doppler radar precipitation, temperature, humidity, pressure, and ultrasonic wind measurements. The new Pulsar line of weather stations offers the ease of an all-in-one sensor module with various meteorological parameters to choose from. 

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Weather Master™ Software Available in Your Language

Weather Master Software German language

February 2013 -- Weather Master™ Software, for use with any weather station from Columbia Weather Systems, can be translated into almost any language for a small one-time engineering charge. The three main display screens were recently published in German for a Swiss customer. For more information, click below.

Weather Master Software


Weather Display on Display at ATCA

Weather Display in FAA Vehicle

January 2013 -- Thanks to Gabi Cohen of Sigmatek for sending this photo of the CWS Weather Display mounted in the FAA Emergency Communications Vehicle on display at the Air Traffic Control Association Expo last fall.

An OEM customer, Sigmatek incorporates Orion Weather Stations into their mobile air traffic control towers.

For more information: 

Sigmatek Advanced Technologies

Weather Display Console

Orion Weather Stations


Facebook Weather/History Book Drawing

Weather Book

January 2013 -- George Miller's book Lewis and Clark's Northwest Journey "Weather Disagreeable!" appeals to history and weather buffs alike. To kick off the new year, we are hosting a drawing for a free copy.

In the book, Miller examines the journals of Lewis and Clark and other members of the Corps of Discovery for key weather references and equates those entries to the weather patterns we know exist today. As a certified meteorologist, Miller has over 40 years experience with Northwest weather and a research interest in historical weather events.

To enter the drawing, simply "Like" our Facebook page. If you already "Like" Columbia Weather Systems, you can make a comment on the page. The winner will be announced February 1 and notified via Facebook.

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