For communication between sensor and monitoring device.

Standard RS-232 Serial Communication Cable

Weather stations come standard with a 7-foot serial communication cable to connect the interface or control module with a monitoring device whether computer, MicroServer, or Weather Display Console. Additional length RS-232 cable is available up to 200 feet, catalog number 8233.

For lengths from 200 to 4000 feet, refer to the RS-422 Short Haul Modem option below.



Wireless Transceivers – 2.4 GHZ and 900 MHz

Wireless transceivers offer a cable-free means to remotely monitor weather information when hardwire installations are not feasible or practical.

For fixed-mount weather stations, 2.4 GHZ and 900MHZ wireless transceiver options offer outdoor line-of-sight range at one mile and 20 miles, respectively.

For Capricorn FLX Weather Stations, weather sensors are connected to the control module which is housed with a transceiver in a weatherproof enclosure. One or two transceivers are also connected at the data viewing point(s) — the Weather Display Console and/or computer.

For the wireless Orion or Magellan Weather Stations, a transceiver is housed in the weatherproof enclosure near the sensor head. A single transceiver is connected to the Orion Interface Module at the data display site, which then is connected to a Weather Display Console and/or computer.

These stations require power at the site of the weatherproof enclosure. This power can be AC, battery or solar. The Orion and Magellan sensor heads require significantly less power and are good choices for solar or battery-powered operation.

A wireless weather station system configuration would include the weather station itself with display or software, plus a weatherproof enclosure and transceivers. 

Portable Wireless Weather Stations

Our portable weather stations come standard with 2.4 GHz transceivers which are good over a one mile, line-of-sight range. With the Pegasus FLX, the sensor transceiver is mounted in the weatherproof enclosure that is hung on the tripod mast. With the Nomads, the transceiver is mounted in the carrying case with the battery pack.

2.4 GHz: FCC (USA), IC (Canada) and ETSI (Europe).
900 MHz: FCC and IC 


Wireless weather station
2.4 GHz Model, Catalog Number 8245

900 MHz Model, Catalog Number 8255


Ethernet – Serial to Ethernet Converter, Catalog Number 8250

This device connects the weather station to a Local Area Network (LAN). At the monitoring computer a driver creates a virtual serial port and converts the data to be read by the available terminal program or weather software such as WeatherMaster or WeatherView 32.

For weather monitoring applications situated in a large facility such as an industrial plant or hospital, instead of running miles of cable from the weather station on the roof to a computer on the first floor, users can take advantage of existing LAN cables to hook up.

This device provides for the flexibility of placing the weather station anywhere close to an Ethernet connection.

Includes a power supply, driver and Ethernet cable.


  Ethernet weather Station

RS-422 (Short Haul) Converter Set, Catalog Number 8247-2

Two short-haul modems are used to extend the RS-232 range from 200 feet to 4000 feet.

Includes power supplies.

Order cable by the foot, catalog number 8230.



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