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Weather Stations for Solar Power Monitoring

Solar Weather Station

Photo courtesy of Industrial Electrical Contactors Ltd.

Environmental monitoring is critical to optimizing the efficiency of solar power generation. Besides the obvious meteorological parameters, generally, the warmer the solar panel, the less power it can produce. In an industry that focuses on energy efficiency, panel temperature is a critical parameter to monitor relative to performance.

Our solar project weather stations all include the Weather MicroServer connected to meteorological sensors including solar radiation (POA and/or GHI) plus the panel temperature sensor. The Weather MicroServer interfaces to an industrial controller via Modbus for automated monitoring.

The weather station installation at left shows two radiation sensors, one at plane of array and one at GHI, as well as the Orion weather sensor module on the mast at right.

Click a weather station model below for more detailed information.

Solar 1 Weather Station

Solar 1

  • Orion all-in-one sensor head
    • Ultrasonic wind sensor
    • Temperature, humidity, and pressure
  • Plus Panel Temp and Solar Radiation
Solar 2 Weather Station

Solar 2

  • Capricorn FLX modular sensor assembly
    • Mechanical wind sensor
    • Temperature, humidity, and pressure
  • Plus Panel Temp and Solar Radiation
Solar 3 Weather Station

Solar 3

  • Air Temperature
  • Panel Temperature
  • Solar Radiation

Solar 1 Weather Stations feature an Orion all-in-one sensor unit with ultrasonic wind direction and speed measurements, a highly-accurate impact rain sensor, capacitive relative humidity, temperature and barometric pressure readings. No moving parts enhances ease of use and durability. Connected through the Weather MicroServer, the Solar 1 weather station includes panel temperature and solar radiation sensor(s).

Solar 2 Weather Stations feature the Capricorn FLX modular sensor package with mechanical wind sensors, air temperature and humidity sensors in a radiation shield, solid state barometric pressure sensor, plus panel temperature and solar radiation sensor(s) with optional tipping bucket rain gauge. Data output through the Weather MicroServer.

Solar 3 Weather Stations feature the Weather MicroServer with air temperature, panel temperature, and solar radiation sensor(s). Additional optional sensors available.